Sunday, September 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II presented and launched in Inida

OK... finally the waits are over and the gigantic Samsung's super smart phone - the second generation - Samsung Galaxy Note II, was arrived, Presented and Launched in India on 27th of September in Hyderabad.

Recorded coverage of the event can be found further at the bottom of this post but before hovering the page all to the down, a little bit about the event itself...

Unfortunately the day of launch and event was not so well informed resulting in being some how a private session and it was for sure one of the calmest events that Samsung (particularly Samsung India) has made till date which is not suitable for a very successive device such as " Note " in my point of view.

The other disappointing matter was the launch of only 16GB version just like the original model which was again a really annoying part of the show as every body should wait even longer right after the launch so they may, I repeat, they may get them or NOT as it happened in the case of the original Note that the higher version (32 GB) was never showed up. and as you know by now, there are three versions of Galaxy Note II, 16, 32 and 64 GB of internal storage capacities...

But that was not all the pain... End of the event as usual was the Media's turn to participate and ask key questions about the specs, more info and details of presented device(s) and believe me as it was really out of Material, Enthusiasm, Mind and Thinking, Relativity, Key Point, etc. and almost non of the questions were directly about Galaxy Note II and specially launch date of the other versions, but the Samsung market place, business plans and even iPhone.

I believe the audience of the show were wrongly targeted and invited or maybe they were lost their ways to another event held by Samsung or they just went there to have fun and take some photos only with "Imtiaz" - a film maker whom I enjoyed his experiences with the device by the way - but even with out holding the device in hand... !! or perhaps they just went there to occupy some chairs and enjoy the free brochures and lunch right after the show and I didn't see any other reason other those above, judge yourself anyway...

OK, I know what you may think... Maybe just because I'm not satisfy with this short launch (only 16 GB version), I'm a bit more pessimist this time which I'll accept but believe me I have written at least 4 e-mail messages to them about the matter since one month prior to the launch and yet nothing happened.

Over all it was clear that they have managed to conduct the event in a very short time so it was not so well organized as even the display was cranked and was not positioned correctly beside many other things to consider...

Any ways, I hope we can hear good news about all versions availability soon before many including myself shift to other markets abroad to get the higher versions as we waited long enough to have this great piece of tech.

enjoy the show and so the great Samsung Galaxy Note II, after the break...

by Alan Razmi

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