Friday, August 31, 2012

Vodafone Galaxy Note 2 price revealed for Germany: 640 Euros for 16GB unlocked LTE version

In addition to not saying a word about the actual release dates of the Galaxy Note 2 phablet, Samsung also failed to unveil pricing details for the device. Sure, the Galaxy Note 2 will sell both unlocked and bundled with multi-year plans with carriers, so it’s harder for Samsung to mention the price during a general event. But it could have hinted at some price points for the various Galaxy Note 2 versions that will soon hit stores.

Engadget has learned that Vodafone Germany plans to charge 640 Euros for the 16GB unlocked LTE version of the Galaxy Note 2, which translates to roughly $800. And that’s just for the 16GB version – remember that Samsung will also have a 32GB and 64GB version in store.

The hefty price tag will probably be a good enough incentive for users to get it for just 80 Euros with a new Vodafone SuperFlat Internet Plus contract – although, in time, they’ll end up paying more for the phablet by choosing the subsidized route.

Comparatively, the unlocked first-generation Galaxy Note sells for $549 from AT&T right now, and that’s the unlocked, unsubsidized pricing for the phablet. At the same time, we’ll add that the U.S. unlocked price for the same phablet version will probably be closer to $600-ish rather than $800-ish, but we’re going to cross that brige when we get there.

Before you ask, no, Vodafone did not say when the device will be in stock, so we’re back at the default “sometime in October” launch date for this European market.

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