Thursday, May 31, 2012

ICS updates finally hit I9100 and I9100G Galaxy S II in India

Most of the Galaxy S II users out there have been enjoying their due ICS serving for a while now, but those unlucky ones living in India were still waiting. Well today this finally changed as both versions of the smartphone available in the the country started receiving the ICS updates.

According to numerous user reports we received, both the Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II (based on the home-brewed Exynos SoC) and the Samsung 9100G Galaxy S II (running atop a TI OMAP 4430 SoC) are now getting notifications to apply the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

The update can be applied over the air, but it's many MB worth of download so you better use a Wi-Fi network for the purpose. Alternately, you can hook up your smartphone to Kies and download the update using your computer's internet connection.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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