Friday, January 6, 2012

What Santa missed: Steve Jobs action figure

I haven't picked up a bearded 12-inch action figure since the 1970s, when the G.I. Joe Action Adventure Team was a kick-ass toy. But I can't resist this new fuzzhead from In Icons that's the spitting image of Steve Jobs.

The craftsmanship that went into this fully poseable collectible from In Icons and Hong Kong-based Dragon in Dream, known for its hyper-realistic Barack Obama figure, is quite striking.
This isn't the first Jobs action figure--last year, Apple lawyers put the kibosh on a predecessor by China's MIC Gadget.
But this one is far more expressive and finely wrought. It's slated to be released in late February for $99 plus shipping. Think of what a desktop motivator it could be.

According to In Icons, the one-sixth Jobs comes with the following:
- one realistic head and two pairs of glasses
- one highly articulated body and three pairs of hands
- one black turtleneck and
- one pair of blue jeansone black leather belt and one chair (wood and metal)
- one pair of socks and sneakers
- two apples (one with a bite)
- one "One more thing" hard backdrop

Aside from that mini iPad, the only thing it seems to be missing is Kung-Fu Grip.

Order yours now before Apple puts its grip on In Icons.
(Via Gizmodo)

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