Monday, January 16, 2012

Steve Jobs comic book 'biography' arrives--Gates is next

The cover of Bluewater's upcoming Steve Jobs comic book biography.
(Credit: Bluewater Productions)

After a delay, the comic book biography of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has arrived.

"Steve Jobs: The co-founder of Apple" from publisher Bluewater Productions was released for the Kindle and Nook today, with analog versions of the 32-page book going on sale tomorrow.

The title, which was announced in June, was originally scheduled for an August release. It promises to give readers "unique insight" into the late Apple CEO's "legendary drive to the top and his continuing fight to stay there."

In a note today, Bluewater Productions said the book was completed before Jobs' passing last year, and therefore does not include details of it.

Bluewater's biography of Jobs follows the authorized one from author Walter Isaacson. Originally dubbed "iSteve: The Book of Jobs," the Isaacson book was retitled simply to "Steve Jobs," and it went on to become Amazon's best seller for all of 2011, despite its release near the very end of the year.

Along with announcing the availability of its Jobs biography, Bluewater today said it has a similar comic book biography for Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, called simply "Bill Gates: Co-Founder of Microsoft." That title, which will also run 32-pages, is set to go on sale March 1.

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