Friday, January 6, 2012

Retro toaster dock is hot for your iPhone

Your iPhone is ready to jam.
(Credit: Gavio)
Take a long look at your iPhone. What does it remind you of? If you said, "breakfast," then I have the perfect dock for you.
(Credit: Gavio)

The Gavio Toast iPhone dock and speaker system looks like a 1950s toaster all covered in chrome with rounded retro lines.
The details are sketchy, but it looks like the speakers hide behind the front slots. The iPhone sits right on top like it just popped up.
There is an adjustable volume control and a mysterious handle on the side that looks like it should trigger the dock to suck your iPhone inside.
Toast isn't the first kitchen appliance-inspired iPhone dock. We saw the Day Maker toaster-style dock concept earlier this year.
Daring customers may want to set the Toast up in the kitchen next to the real toaster.
Just be careful when you're groggily making breakfast. You don't want to accidentally dock your toast or toast your iPhone.
There is no information yet on availability or pricing, but pre-orders should be opening up soon.
(Via Technabob.)

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