Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Did Samsung just show the Galaxy S III?

Did Samsung just show the Galaxy S III?

CES may be over but it might still hold an interesting reveal - the Samsung Galaxy S III. In an official Samsung video used in their press conference at the event, a Galaxy S II-like phone makes a brief appearance, but it carries visible changes from the current model.

The most noticeable difference is how thin the bezel is - much thinner than the one on the S II. We've heard rumors that the S III will have a next-gen Super AMOLED screen with a 4.6" diagonal, which would fit in the frame of the Galaxy S II if Samsung shaves down the bezel.
Here's the video, starting at the moment of the reveal:
Of course, this could turn out to be just a representation of a phone that Samsung wants to make, not an actual model. Or even just a mockup someone in the PR department made with no connection to the phone development team.
We have to admit that those rounded edges of the screen seem rather suspicious, So take what you saw in the video with a pinch of salt.
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