Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES 2012: In pictures Samsung WB850F and WB150F

Samsung's WB850F and WB150F are compact cameras with longer than average zoom ranges making them an ideal choice for use when traveling on holiday.
The more advanced WB850F features a 21x zoom lens and GPS technology, while the WB150F has an 18x zoom and is a little smaller and lighter.
Both cameras are wifi enabled and can be controlled and triggered using the Remote Viewfinder app available for Android smart phones like Samsung's Galaxy SII.


Like the WB850F, the WB150F has a Schneider Kreuznach lens, but its an 18x zoom rather than a 21x zoom.

Both cameras have a 3in AMOLED screen that provides a nice clear view of the scene.

A mode dial allows the user to select the shooting mode.


The metal body of the Samsung WB850F has a high quality feel and the camera is heavier than the WB150F.

A small pop-up flash is useful for low light and fill-in.

As on the WB150F, a mode dial allows the user to select the shooting mode and a control around the shutter release is used to zoom the lens in and out.

The controls on the rear of the camera feel well made and responsive.

When the dial is rotated to ASM, the navigation controls are used to select the desired advanced shooting mode.

There's a collection of creative shooting options.

The WiFi connectivity allows images to be shared in variety of ways including via social media sites and email. Images can also be viewed on compatible TV's and smartphones.

The menu provides all the usual settings options.
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