Thursday, January 12, 2012

CES 2012: In pictures: Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV

CES 2012 was the show where OLED finally made it into the big-screen market, with both LG and Samsung announcing 55-inch televisions using the screen technology.
The reasons OLED is superior to LCD are myriad, but it really boils down to the technology managing to offer brighter colours but also use less power.
The TVs can also be produced really thin and this is what Samsung has achieved.

You only have to look at our Super OLED TV pictures to see how skinny the TV is.

Samsung has also managed to get the TV's bezel down to mere millimetres.

Each TV is created from a single pane of glass and it will also playback 3D. Oh and there will also be motion and voice control on board.

Just like the LG OLED TV we have already fallen in love with Samsung's debut in the big-screen OLED market.

We will have to get the TV into testing before we propose but on first impressions the picture quality is outstanding and it has looks that outshine Kate Moss.
Unfortunately the Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV UK release date is pencilled in for October so our relationship with the TV will have to be long distance for the time being.

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