Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Newest TFT-LCD Price-fixing gadget products

Later, Hsinchu, Taiwan-based AU Optronics delivered a statement on DoJ’s action proverb, As a result of this ongoing investigation, six companies have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to pay crook fines totaling more than $860 million. in addition, including today’s indictment, 17 executives have been charged to date in the department’s ongoing investigation.

This is not the first price-fixing scandal to hit the LCD industry. Back in November 2008, LG depict, Chunghwa Picture Tubes and Sharp agreed to plead guilty to cost fixing, paying a combined $585 million in crook fines. All of those companies are also named in the new suit brought by AT&T. depict panel price- fixing investigation. Although, Hitachi does not figure in the suits filed by AT&T and Nokia.

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