Friday, December 30, 2011

Adobe Flash 10.1 with GPU hardware acceleration sustain now that accessible

Adobe has legally begun serving up Flash Player10.1 on its download pages. This shall be the first runtime deliver of the Open Screen Project, which aims at enabling consumers to “engage with rich internet experiences seamlessly crossways any device, anywhere”. It is an industry-wide initiative, led by Adobe and backed by other industry leaders. Flash Player 10.1 hit the deliver Candidate status a pair of months past and the upgrade brings with it sustains for hardware acceleration of video content.

The new Flash Player is estimated to consist sustain for hardware decoding of H.264 encoded flash video content on supported GPUs. Many of the current GPUs from AMD ATi as well as NVIDIA and Intl shall sustain hardware-accelerated Flash content. Also supported is the Broadcom Crystal HD chipset well-liked in netbooks.The new flash player also includes many new qualities targeting mobile devices such as use of virtual keyboards in case of touchscreens and multitouch and gesture sustain.. Ther eis also a new sleep mode which helps compact CPU load and battery consumption on mobile devices.
The new version is presently accessible on multiple platforms excluding for Mac. Mac users shall require waiting for the upcoming “Gala” update to get hardware acceleration support. Windows and Linux users can go get Adobe Flash Player 10.1 here.

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